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Motion analysis can improve the life of patients, families and caregivers, and enable healthcare professionals to improve treatment outcomes. Working closely with medical experts, we identify and extract clinically relevant parameters from 3D camera recordings and provide a powerful solution to track motoric symptoms. This enables in-depth motor symptom analysis in many previously inaccessible in-patient, outpatient and at-home settings.

Motognosis Amsa

Motognosis Amsa is a certified medical software to measure motor tasks. By performing a short, adaptable test set, the software generates kinematic parameters (like gait speed) to describe motor symptoms.

All kinematic parameters were technically and clinically validated in studies at Charité university hospital Berlin, the largest university clinic in Germany. The tests only take 10-15 minutes per session and provide enough information to monitor symptoms for e.g. People with Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson’s Disease.

How Amsa works

Step 1
The user performs a sequence of movement tasks that are shown on screen, which is developed to uncover specific motor dysfunction.
Step 2
During the tasks, full body movement data is recorded in 3D and then analyzed on device.
Step 3
The result is a comprehensive report of motor impairment of the patient, summarized in a dashboard showing changes over time. Sensitive symptom parameters enable adjustment of therapy or medication by the treating healthcare professional.

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Why you should use Amsa

Clinically relevant symptoms can be assessed from the comfort of your home.

Amsa automatically detects and quantifies symptom parameters during the execution of 3 to 5 short motion tasks (max. 1 min each) which can be done at home. The clinically relevant symptoms can be reviewed in a comprehensive motor function report, enabling therapists and neurologists to make better and faster treatment decisions.

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Motognosis Labs

Motognosis Labs is the first product based on our motion analysis technology. It is a powerful and flexible research system for analyzing motor dysfunction. Labs is available for purchase, but is currently not certified for clinical use.

Motognosis Labs comes with a complete system including everything you need for motor assessments in your research project. The software is a standalone application that can be used with any compatible hardware.

Assessments for Motor Symptoms

Motognosis Labs offers a comprehensive set of more than 50 assessments for several motor functions affected in neurologic diseases. Our technology covers a broad spectrum of common disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson‘s disease and many others. The software can be further adapted to cover new motor tests. We also offer research collaborations to develop outcome parameters specific for your studies, with or without support of statistical analysis and result interpretation.

Powerful Analysis Tools

After performing an assessment, outcome and validation parameters, as well as context specific visualisations are provided. These are complemented by more detailed, customizable analytic views. The results can then be exported as a PDF report. Additionally, raw and signal data can be recorded for further external analysis, with import logic being available for common environments (e.g. Matlab, R, Excel). All analysis functions can be also used in our recording-system independent Motognosis Labs Review software, compatible with current Windows PCs.